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Radio Lions

Our programmes tend to change fairly regularly from quarter to quarter, which makes things tricky for the website maintenance :-)

Monday to Friday

Evening programmes will be between 7pm and 10pm, with automated programmes overnight. Current presenters include Steve and Tracey Pirouet, Andy J (Wed), James Roberts (Thur), Des Gregory and Mike Turner (Fri).

If one of our ward visitors has been collecting requests then you will hear them being played for you in the 'Niteline' show at 9pm.


11am - Noon : The Limes - various presenters.


(I'll check and get back to you!)


Niteline is the regular programme for your requests, on air every night of the week (except recent Saturdays), for one hour starting at nine o'clock. If there are lots of requests, they will finish later than ten o'clock - won't stop until they've played them all!
Niteline can be heard only in the the hospitals connected to the cable system, and is not carried on BBC Radio Jersey.
If you would like a record played for yourself or someone else within the hospital, please write or telephone, the address and number are on the home page. If telephoning please note that your calls can only be answered whilst programmes are on air (between 7:00pm and 10:00pm), at other times there is an answering machine to allow you to leave your details.
If you are calling from within the General Hospital, you may call FREE on the internal phone system, the extension number is 2732 (which is 622732 from outside of the hospital. There is also 876465 available).

NOTE: Please remember to include the neccessary details:

WHO the request is FOR,
WHO the request is FROM,
HOSPITAL and WARD (if known),
RECORD and ARTIST (or just a particular type of music, something suitable will be selected),
and finally any MESSAGE.

"Radio Lions - a friend at your bedside"

Last updated 2014-nov-20


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