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Just a few photos to give you an idea of how things look.....

Studio 1 : click here for larger version.

A second studio, opened in 1997 :

Click here to see the wall placque.

A studio for guests and presenters who don't 'self-op' : a microphones-only facility.

Lots of CDs to choose from - there's a fair chance we can play your request!
(and we have thousands of tracks in the computer too)

10 years earlier there were records here instead, since moved a little further away.

A wall is gradually filling up with photos - some may appear on this website perhaps!

We hope you enjoyed your brief look at our facilities -
if you'd like to visit us in person please call us to arrange a suitable time.

"Radio Lions - a friend at your bedside"

Last updated 2009-may-07


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