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huge mixing desk
it's not quite that big!


Visitors to the studio will see that there are two studios with mostly the same equipment, as follows :
Mixer     : D&R Aircom, 16 stereo channels  each with Gain/Treble/Mid/Bass controls and Remote
           Start and Pre-Fade Listen buttons. Metering is PPM, left and right OR output and cue.
           Four Mics (three around the table in a separate studio - cosy!)
           Telephone Fader
	   BBC Radio Jersey Fader - for seamless opting in/out
PC playout: P Squared's 'Myriad' software feeding 4 stereo mixer channels
CD        : 2x Technics SL-PG460A
Vinyl	  : 2x Technics SL1200 mkII (& 2x SL1210 mkII)
Cassette  : 1x Denon 3-head DRM-710
Minidisc  : 2x Sony MDS-S37 or S38
(studio 1)
Speakers  : Wharfedale 304
There is also equipment to perform Outside Broadcasts, whether linked by phone to the studio or just providing background music at fetes etc. There is a Citronic disco deck along with a CD player and various speakers, and presenters can even wander around with a 174 MHz radio mic, with walkie-talkies for talkback.

Radio Lions programmes are carried in mono on cable around the hospital and can be heard on bed headsets on button B, or button 5 depending on the type. So RL cannot unfortunately be heard on any normal radio sets. It is a shame that RL cannot be heard in stereo on FM but the UK Radio Authority hasn't yet decided whether to allow such broadcasts. Many low power short term broadcasts have been authorised, but the license fee tends to run to thousands of pounds - a little beyond most Hospital Radio budgets! It's not as staightforward as one might think - the issue of royalties crops up when music is transmitted, so there would be a few hurdles to overcome. But it would be a great improvement if the patients could hear hospital radio in stereo on their own walkmans - they can be bought extremely cheaply these days (a few to lend in each ward would probably be easier to maintain than the cable system) and would also give a greater choice of programmes for those times when stations are not on the air. Maybe one day ... (Note: that is my personal opinion and not neccessarily that of Radio Lions)

Until 2000 Radio Lions had been using Private Wire circuits to distribute the output, but has now changed over to the use of fixed VHF radio links (mono, 50kHz bandwidth FM, in the bands managed by JFMG for such purposes). Radio Lions is not allowed to promote listening to these radio links, mention them on-air, or acknowledge anyone listening in this way.

See the mixing desk close up
and have a guided tour of the studios!

"Radio Lions - a friend at your bedside"

Last updated 2009-may-06


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